Christmas Deal 2017 Young Living Essential Oils- The Premium Starter Kit

If you have your eye on the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, but have not yet made the plunge, TODAY through Christmas Eve I am offering it to you for $109 + SHIPPING! Yep, grab your kit (11 oils & diffuser) for $109!!! I know, kind of crazy! 

So why am I doing this? Well, I pretty much love Young Living Essential oils and know you will too! So today, I would like to help you jump in the oily fun by giving you a heck of deal! 

Christmas Deal 2017 Young Living Essential Oils- Premium Starter kit

Yep! You heard me right! All that goodness, The Young Living Premium Starter Kit for $109 as a Christmas Deal!

Young Living Essential Oils have changed my family’s life. We sleep better, avoid the sniffles more, and have lots of stamina for each day! What mama doesn’t need that, right? We have completely kicked all toxic products to the curb and replaced them with chemical free products, like Thieves household cleaner! And you can too! This mama heart has much peace of mind knowing I will never have to make a call because my little guy got into the wrong cabinet.

Here’s the deets:

What you get once you have ordered the Premium Starter Kit above:

  • $50 Paypal cash or Account credit to buy more oils ( your choice).
  • 150 Uses, a book on how to use the starter kit oils!
  • Facebook community of seasoned oilers, and continued oily education.
  • The sweetest hookup! I’m pretty sure this is the best deal out there!
  • Many graphics to support you on your wellness journey.
  • 24% off of all Young Living Products for an entire year!
  • And if you sign up for Essential Rewards, our monthly wellness box, I’ll send you a FREE Christmas Spirit to get the season started!

Order Your Premium Starter Kit Here!

Christmas Deal 2017 Young Living Essential Oils- Premium Starter kit

I am beyond thrilled for you to get started using essential oils! You will be in love! If you have any questions, I’m here to help! Let me know in the comments, or email me!

Happy to be hooking you up this Christmas!

Note: valid for Non-Young Living Members only.



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Christmas Deal 2017 Young Living Essential Oils


How to use the Young Living Premium Starter Kit Oils

How to buy Young Living Essential Oils

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How to make Money Selling Young Living Essential Oils


Here’s how you make money selling Young Living Essential Oils.

First off, I’m glad you are here!

I’ll tell you now that I’m going to make this simple for you! If you have been thinking about trying Young Living essential oils, but haven’t yet pulled the trigger, I’ll make it an easy decision for you! Be sure to look for the $25 rebate off the Premium Starter Kit, free book, & free lime vitally essential oil below! I’m ready to grab my  kit and join the fun!

Now for the meat & potatoes.

How do people make money selling Young Living Essential Oils?

  • First, you use and fall in love with the products.
  • Then, you share your love for them with others.
  • Follow up with those you have shared with.
  • Lastly, you educate them on the products you love, so they know how to use these products too.

Yep! It’s that simple…….

The “How to” in business building is completely up to YOU! Do “YOU” and be consistent and your business will grow.

Choose a couple ways that are a good fit for you and START!

  • Teach facebook classes like this 101 class!
  • Share in a live class at your home, a friends home, or public place.
  • Cook with your oils and let others eat the goods.
  • Host a spa party!
  • Sip & Sniff (wine & oils).
  • DIY’s-how to make them & give them as gifts!
  • Make & take! Everyone makes a couple things and get’s to take it home. (casual & fun).
  • Share one-on-one over coffee.
  • Social Media, be sure to be respectful!
  • Teach a class of interest: gut health, vital flex, chemical free living, essential oils and emotions, hormone support, ect….
  • Lastly, make sharing fun! If you aren’t having fun, no one else will.

You choose how fast you want to grow?

  • Rapid growth= 4-6 classes a month will rock your business growth! You will be ranking up in no time.
  • 2 classes a month is a must to grow.
  • Anything less, will get you free product and slow growth.

Whatever you choose, be consistent. Remember, this is YOUR BUSINESS. Do YOU, but do something. Like anything else, it’s a job. It takes work.

You get to choose when, with whom, how, and where you work. That’s AWESOME!!!!!

Once you get the Premium Stater Kit with Young Living, you have all you need to start sharing! With the purchase of this kit, YOU ARE YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Bonus Alert! When you join my team, I will send you three things!

  • $25 Rebate via Paypal or Visa gift card
  • Flourish-a free book with QR-codes that includes oily recipes, seed to seal, & how to use your oils.
  • 5ml bottle of lime vitality, because it smells amazing in the diffuser with Stress Away!


Young Living Premium Starter Kit

 Ready to take the oily leap! It will change you life! Grab your kit here, and get $25 off & the gifts above!

The Nut’s and Bolts to START making money and growing Your essential oil business.


  • 12 products in your Young Living Premium Starter Kit.
  • Price of The Young Living Premium Starter Kit.
  • Your start up link. Get it here: http// ( Enter your Member ID# in both sponsor and enroller fields.


  • Sign people up & teach them to sign people up!
  • Teach the value of Essential Rewards.
  • Product Education-Learn about the oils and products and share what you are learning! If you find value in what you are learning, so will others, so why not share! Helping others become well is a huge blessing, and one that is very much needed right now.


  • Tons of support! I help you teach your first few classes.
  • Training & education via Zoom chats, facebook groups, calls, classes.
  • A community of like minded people and rich relationships.
  • Graphics, lots of graphics.
  • Scripts
  • Resources to help you grow!


Yl income disclosure statement 2016


  • Oh my oils is by Monique Mclean has great videos that explain each rank and comp plan.



  • Game Plan, by Sarah Harnich
  • The 4 Year Career, by Richard Brooke
  • Gentle Babies, by Debra Rayburn
  • Essential Oil Pocket Reference, by Life Science Publishing


STILL NEED HELP MAKING THE DECISION? Let’s talk about it, get your questions answered, and see if it’s a good fit! 

Contact me here! Or @oilyfeathers | | The Homemade Life Face Book Page

Would you like more information on Young Living Essential Oils?

More details on buying Young Living Essential Oils.

What is Essential Rewards?

How do I use the essential oils in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit?

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Silky Smooth DIY Face Cream

DIY Silky Smooth Face Cream

This Silky smooth DIY face cream can be used on the tips of your hair, nail cuticles, face, heels, under eye area, & as a body butter.

Hello all my fellow homemakers, project lovers, & DIY’ers! Thanks for stopping by! If you love healthy homemade goodies and are up for a simple and fun home adventure, this is a great one! Today, I am going to share with you how to make this DIY silky smooth face cream. As well as share with you all the ingredients in it and how they can benefit your face!

This DIY face cream is great as little “I’m thinking of you” gifts too! 

This little project has been on my “to do” list for a while now. My DIY  moisturizing night cream is great, but I really wanted something a bit more smooth and light for the “most of the time” times! This goes on the skin so nicely. It absorbs very well, and smells amazing! I really think you will be happy with it! First off, let’s talk about what’s in it:

Shea Butter- Rich in vitamin E, D, & A, this oil is like a super food for your skin. It also leaves your skin very moisturized while repairing, fine lines, wrinkles and scars.

Jojoba oil- It is great for oily skin, it helps regulate the skins sebum production. It works well for those with acne & is an anti-microbial. 

Vitamin E oil- This oil stimulates the formation of collagen as well as improves skin texture.

Coconut oil- The fatty acids in this oil work like antioxidants reversing and preventing the damage due to free radicals.

Beeswax- Also great for dry rough skin. It also acts as a protective barrier to our skin while still allowing it to breath.

Joy essential oil

Frankincense essential oil

Lemon essential oil

Lavender essential oil

*Depending on your skin type you can trade out Jojoba for sweet almond or olive oil. If you prefer cocoa butter better you can swap that out with the shea butter. I also love to add Myrrh to this recipe but happened to be out.  Completely optional.

You don’t have to have any fancy equipment. It can totally be done with old items around the house to keep costs down. Or you can go all out and get all the “get up.” I’ll leave that up to you. Personally, I go the frugal route. 

All you will need is the ingredients, a double boiler or two pots. One has to be smaller so you can use it as a double boiler. This recipe uses such a small amount of beeswax, that clean up is super easy. NO MESS! YEAH!

It’s time to get your silky smooth skin on!

Silky smooth diy face cream recipe:

  • 2 oz. Shea butter
  • 1 oz. Jojoba oil
  • 2 oz. Coconut oil
  • 1/2 oz. beeswax
  • 1 Tbsp. Vitamin E oil
  • 12 drops of frankincense
  • 10 drops of joy
  • 5 drops of lavender
  • 3 drops of lemon

How to:

  1. Prepare your double boiler, or you can also use a small pot and hold it in a larger pot of water.
  2. Place on low heat.
  3. Melt all ingredients together (Except the essential oil), and stir well until melted.
  4. Lastly, take it off of the heat, add in your essential oils, stir and pour!
  5. Pour into your jars or tins and let it set for about 2 hours!

This makes 5 ounces of face cream. I like to get the 1 ounce tins, 1 ounce goes a long way! I hope you enjoy this recipe. This recipe will make your skin glow!

Happy DIY’ IN!



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Silky Smooth DIY Face Cream


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7 reasons why essential oils rock!

7 reasons why essential oils rock!

 Here are 7 reasons why essential oils rock!

First of let’s make sure you know what an essential oil is. What is an essential oil? Essential oils are the volatile, aromatic liquids that come from plants and can consist of the leaves, flowers, roots, bark, resin, and the rind containing the natural smell and characteristics of the plant.

7 reasons why essential oils rock

Did you know?

  • 1 drop of essential oil has enough molecules to cover each cell 40,000 times.
  • Essential oils are fat soluble and are rapidly absorbed through the tissue.
  • Each  essential oil can contain hundreds of chemical compounds, making their uses & benefits virtually limitless.

7 reasons why essential oils rock!

1. They provide oxygen & antioxidants to our bodies.
2. The molecules in some essential oils are small enough to pass the blood brain barrier.
3. Oils cleanse the body pushing out metals and petro-chemicals.
4. They build immunity & promote regeneration of the cells.
5. Oils have an intelligence; they know what our bodies need and will meet those needs without harming other organs and body functions.
6. Oils have frequency ( a body frequency below 58 is where disease starts).
7. Research shows that not one virus yet has built an immunity against essential oils.

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7 reasons why I use essential oils

There are many more reasons why people are daily using oil to take control of there health in a natural way. Endless testimonials on how oils continue to support others in there pursuit to wellness cover the web. They truly are amazing with endless benefits to our bodies. 

I hope you have enjoyed learning about just a few ways in which these little bottles of goodness can help support you and your family. If you would like to get a more in depth look at how oils can support you check out my FREE E-BOOK, “Little bottles of Wisdom.” It is 27 pages of how to use oils, DIY recipes, and more! You can get your free copy by subscribing to my new letter!

Here are few more posts that you might want to check out!

5 Immune Boosting essential oils

How to use 11 everyday essential oils

How to make your own homemade DIY Shampoo

Or, if you are ready to get started using essential oils, head on over here:

How to buy therapeutic grade essential oils

Wishing you the best, and the best of health!

We only have one place to live, so it’s best we take care of it!



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How to Make a DIY Diffuser Necklace

How to make a DIY Diffuser Necklace

Learn how to make a DIY Diffuser Necklace with stuff around your house! 

Today I am excited to share with you how I made my own DIY diffusser necklace! These are so much fun to make, and are excellent gifts to give to friends and family! They are made from the heart with love! You can customize them just how you like. Add a special message, inspirational word, or Bible verse.

I have made jewelry at home many times for fun & gifts, so I have lots of miscellaneous stuff hanging around. If you are here now, you are somewhat crafty or want to be! If my hunch is right, then you too, will have crafty items in drawer or special area to pull from!

Young Living essential oil stater kit deal

With a little creativity, you can make a DIY diffuser necklace for FREE!

DIY diffuser necklace

DIY Diffuser necklace

DIY diffuser necklace

Get started on our very own Homemade diffuser necklace.

There are several ways you can make them. You have options! 

  1. You can buy baking clay.
  2. Make your own baking clay.
  3. Buy Crayola Terra Cotta air dry clay!

This is how I made them! This is what you will need!

DIY Diffuser NecklaceYou will need:

  • Spatula
  • stampers
  • Sculpey baking clay | Homemade baking clay | or Crayola air dry clay. 
  • A few straws
  • A smooth glass jar or rolling pen, I found the glass to be easier because its smaller.
  • I used an eye cream jar that worked well for making a perfect Circe! You can hunt around your home for any shape you prefer and the size you desire (the thinner the rim the better).
  • Beads with large wholes.
  • Hemp Jewelry thread.

Secret: Joanne’s fabric has great deals, and they always have great coupons for those of you who might need a couple things!

I used the white sculpey baking clay for the diffuser necklaces above! It was the fast way to go. However, in the near future, I plan on trying the homemade baking clay too! One, I like that it is made with ingredients I already have. Two, I’m thinking it may absorb the essential oils better than the sculpey clay. I’m not sure if it will be the same color of white. I will keep you posted! 

Homemade Clay Baking Recipe:

  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 2 Tbsp. vegetable oil
  • 3/4 cup of water
  • Food coloring optional!
  1. First add flour and salt in a bowl.
  2. Add oil in.
  3. Slowly add water until you reach a desired consistency (add coloring now, if you plan to).
  4. Mold and cut into desired shapes.
  5. Bake at 250 degrees for 30 minutes.

Instructions for sculpey clay: 

  1. Take a small ball of clay and roll it out. 
  2. Then cut the desired shape. I used and old eye cream container for my circle shaped necklaces.
  3. Use a very thin spatula and lift off the counter.
  4. Next, take the straw and push it down firmly to make a whole, then twist and lift up. It should remove the clay, use a new straw for each one, or other end of the straw.
  5. Stamp desired designs ( be careful not to stamp to hard).
  6. Carefully move to a silicone baking sheet.
  7. Bake at 275 degrees for 10 minutes.
  8. Use any kind of beads, broken & miscellaneous jewelry to spruce your necklace up!

Add two drops of desired oil to the face of your diffuser necklace, let it sit for a couple hours and soak in! Apply more oils when needed! Enjoy and stay clam, focused, balanced, or whatever else you might need for the day! Each oil is different!

Cheers to oily living,



To learn more about essential oils, check out some of my other posts!

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How to make a diy diffuser necklace

Have fun making these!

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