How do I use my Young Living starter kit?

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You decide to get started on your journey with essential oils and your starter kit arrives. It’s like Christmas, but there is one problem. How do I use the oils in my starter kit, you ask yourself? 

I remember getting my starter kit. Along with the excitement, came a bit of overwhelm. Its true, essential oils are amazing, and so much fun, but there is a learning curve. Each oil is uniquely different and can be used in many different ways. To make it easy on you, below I have included some DIY recipes, resources to learn, and tips & tricks on how to get your oily learning on.

If you are feeling like you are not sure how to use your starter kit, then this post is for you. Keep on reading.  We will go over each oil in the starter kit, giving you some basic uses. I will share with you six DIY recipes using the oils in your kit, as well as provide some tips and tricks on how to gain knowledge about your oils and get you rolling with confidence!

Starter Kit DIY recipes for essential oils

Lavender– This oil is great for a “good nights” sleep, or overall relaxation. Place one drop on each big toe before bed and you will be counting some major sheep! It helps the healing of cuts and scrapes. Lavender is a great oil to use for any kind of  DIY  beauty products, as it encourages healthy skin, hair, and scalp. It is also safe for pregnancy and can be used on infants.

Lemon– This is a great oil to detox the body. I love to add a drop or two to flavor my water while at the same time encouraging my body to rid itself of the many toxins we are daily exposed to. When inhaled, it promotes clarity of thought and purpose. I enjoy lemon and peppermint together in the diffuser for an afternoon pick-me-up! This oil stimulates the immune system, is great for cleaning, and getting stickers off of things.

Peppermint– Is g eat for supporting a healthy body temperature, which is why it can be used to bring down a fever. I love to use this by taking one drop internally before a workout to give me an extra boost. I also rub it on my shoulders and chest during a summer run to keep me cool. This is a wonderful oil to support healthy digestion, and help curve an appetite. In the morning, I rub peppermint on my temples, and the back of  neck. it gets me focused, alert, and ready for my day! Also, it is great for headaches. Rub a drop on your temples and back of your neck for relief.

Copaiba– This oil is what is considered a “driver” in the essential oil world. What I mean by that, is this oil in a great oil to layer on top of another essential oil, because it has the ability to drive the first oil applied deeper into the tissue. Many mammas use this oil to support their teething toddlers. This oil is mostly known for research done on its anti-inflammatory effects. I enjoy it on my wrists to chill out a bit too! I also use on my hubby’s tennis injuries.

Frankincense– Is a great oil to support a healthy immune system. It is a great oil for supporting emotional health. It is known for its ability to improve attitude and uplift ones spirits. Also great as a relaxant. I like to take this essential oil internally support a strong immune system. I also enjoy it a capsule once a month, along with lavender, and Copaiba during that special time of month. :/

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Digize- This is a must have oil for anyone who needs some additional support with digestion or an overall healthy digestive system. It also assists in alleviating chest congestion, supports respiratory systems, and is safe for children and pets. I personally like to take a drop in a capsule or juice after I have eaten a bit to much. I also rub a drop on my tummy too.

Thieves– This is also a great oil to help the body maintain a strong immune system. Many people us it during the winter months or during travel to give them an extra boost against all the seasonal bugs trying to find a host. It is well know for it’s cleaning power. It more than gets the job done, and is non-toxic to your family. It smells amazing! I love to diffuse this oil, and drink it in my morning and night time tea. 

Purification- This is also a powerful cleaning oil. Purification is great used for mold, purifying the air, and elimination of difficult odors. I love to use it in my husbands shoes, as a zit zapper, and it’s also great to use while camping to keep the bugs away.

Panaway- Is used primarily  for its ability to relive aches and pains associated with exercise/sports. If you are a runner, it is great to keep in the car or close by. It also supports healthy skin, liver, and nervous system. I use it on back pain, or any type of sore muscle due to strain or fatigue. If you have neck tension or head tension, this is great for that too.

Stress away- Just like it sounds, this oil is excellent for easing nervous tension. It is wonderful used for relaxation, or to promote a good nights sleep. I love to diffuse this oil, and add a drop to my tea at night. It is also known to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

R.C.- This is a very uplifting and energizing essential oil. It is great in the diffuser when your family is under the weather and needs some additional respiratory support. It is safe to use on children and pets. It also helps with snoring, if you have any of those in your family. 😉 I love to diffuse this oil and open up the airways to feel refreshed.

Lastly, start slow. There is no rush. First master the 11 everyday oils, then try a new one each month and learn about it. I highly recommend getting the Essential oils pocket reference if you don’t already have one. It has tons of information on how to use each oil. You can look up individual oils, or what ailment you want to use specific oils for. It’s a must!  I hope this was helpful and happy oiling!

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