Finding God's Heart In Mine E-Book!

A 30 day devotional and journaling journey!

Yes..I want a copy of  Finding God’s Heart, in Mine. 

I encourage you to take 30 days alone with your Savior; read, pray and, journal.

I hope that God uses the words on these pages to speak to your heart just want you need to hear. Invite a friend or two to join you on this journey, so you can share with each other the amazing things God reveals to you!

My Story…………

I hit 30. Actually, truth be told, 30 hit me…And rather hard. Like most, life has handed me some ups and downs; triumphs and failures. It hasn’t always been perfect or easy, but I wouldn’t change anything. Why? Because, more often than not; it’s the challenges in life that lead us to the feet of Jesus. It’s the adversity we experience that prepares us for the change that God has in store for us.

What is holding you back? What is it inside that is keeping you from truly being free, happy, at peace?

We all have hurts of some sort to dig through at some point in life. And that time had come for me. All the painful situations in my life over the years had added up. My coping method that I had adopted somewhere along the way was not working anymore. I had lost my ability to ignore how I felt and just move on. Perhaps I didn’t know how? Or, maybe I was afraid of the pain it would bring?  My pull-myself-up-by-my bootstraps “try harder” method was clearly failing.

As a part of my “don’t feel, just keep moving” strategy, I often kept myself busy. What I needed was to slow down. What I needed was to look to the one who could help, my Savior.  I can’t tell you how many times He would show me the verse “Be still, and know I am God.” I knew it was true, but didn’t  know how to be still. After years of habitual striving, I literally had to get to a place of complete brokenness in order to yield to His voice.

What I  didn’t realize all those years, is unresolved pain is always with us holding us back from all that God intends us to be.

And it will remain behind the scenes, destructive by nature, until dealt with. It had become clear that “my stuff” was affecting my life in a very negative way. Until we are healed we cannot truly love ourselves, be kind to ourselves and be free from the burdens we carry. It is only when we are at peace with God, and ourselves, that we experience freedom from all that encumbers us.

The only one who could help me was my friend Jesus, and in order for this to take place it would require time with Him. I decided to commit 30 mornings alone with Him.  The first week was so tough. It was sheer commitment that got me out of bed as I tried to be genuinely engaged at 5 am. However, after a week, something amazing happened, I experienced God’s love in way that I hadn’t since high school. I was practically hurdling over my little brown couch to see what the king of the universe wanted to whisper to my hurting heart. This truly was and is one of the most special times of my life. In our weakness’ He is strong. That verse came alive; I was experiencing His strength that carried me. I have never felt so loved and cared for. I would read, cry, and write. I would spend hours in the early morning soaking in His love.  

I am so thankful for God’s everlasting love, abundant grace, and never ending mercy. He truly does draw near, and restores the brokenhearted. He made my heart whole.  He did it! I  simply showed up with a willing heart. And am so glad that I did! We truly serve an amazing God; a God that desires full restoration for each one of us. He longs to love us to a place of complete wholeness in Him.

What came out of this journey with Jesus was a new relationship with Him, a deeper understanding of His love for me and my worth in Him. I was broken, and He made me whole. I was hurting, and He healed my pain. I was lost and searching, and He gave me a future and a hope. I found His heart. He is now the pilot of my life instead of the co-pilot. My hope is that you listen to His still small voice beckoning you to Him. He is faithful to His promises. Christ said seek and you will find; knock and the door will be open to you. He is waiting with open arms, and utter excitement to love on YOU, His most precious child. Because you are the apple of His eye!

So I ask again, what is holding you back? What is it inside that is keeping you from truly being free, happy, at peace? What is holding you back from all that God intended you to be?