Mornings with Jesus are the best!

Mornings with Jesus are the best!

Early mornings with Jesus are my favorite! I have come to find that no matter what seems to clamor for my time, (pretty much everything) it is crucial to start my day with Him. During Christ’s time on earth, He went away early in the morning to spend time with His Father to be renewed. It thrills my heart to know that we too, have the same opportunity.

Each morning we can set aside time to have a date with the King of the universe; the person that has created all that is around us; the one who has blessed us with all that we have; the person that loves us the most. He cares for each need of ours big and small. By meeting with Him, we can gain strength, healing, peace, love, and wisdom. We can bask in His presence and enjoy is amazing love for us.

Approach each day with a desire to find me.

Approaching God each day with the desire to find Him is a great opportunity. He longs to pour into your heart wisdom, guidance, and love. He desires more than anything this time with us. When we show up, He is faithful. He will show up too, in ways you cannot imagine!

Peace and joy are here for the taking; these two vital emotions, the genuinity of them, can not be manufactured or bottled by man. They are free only to be received by Christ. And the greatest part, is that the invitation is always there awaiting us. 

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