What can a smile do for you?

What can a smile do for you

What can a smile do for you? It can make a world of difference!

What can a smile do for you? A simple smile doesn’t seem like much. A simple smile makes a world of difference. It speaks volumes. Our smiles have a huge impact in the lives of those around us, especially our little ones. The greatest gift you can give your children in a constant smile! This unspoken action shares so much!

The smile we render to another conveys many different expressions of love. It says, “I love you.” ” I’m proud of you.”  “You are special to me.”  “I am happy to see you.” “It’s going to be OK.” “I am here for you,” just to name a few. Simply put, a smile validates another. 

So today I want to share some things that make me smile and hope that it reminds you of a few things you that put a smile on your fact too!

  1. The outdoors
  2. Another smile
  3. An act of kindness
  4. My Family
  5. How much God loves me and is always in pursuit of me.
  6. Food, I love food!
  7. Deep conversations
  8. Country roads
  9. Horses
  10. Families that love fully and have fun! 
  11. Joy essential oil!

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Be the change the world needs one smile at a time. Start with you family! Smile at your husband, kids, and extended family often. Use a smile to express to them just how important they are to you, so they too, can learn how to share with world kindness and love. 

Get to smiling dear friends!



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